Free Gum at the Subway

Stride Gum

They are handing out free gum samples at the entrances to the subway today.  At first, it’s like “Ooo…free goodies!”  Then you realize, “Wait, am I taking candy from a stranger?”

Stride Gum.  Flavor:  Winterblue.  This is the most ghetto looking gum packaging I’ve seen.  Honestly, I thought it might be a gag.  It was a 4 piece sample pack.  The girl handing them out gave me 3 packs with the rubber band still around them.  I think she was just trying to unload here quota so she could get the hell out of there.

Anyway, like I said, pretty fake looking packaging.  However, when you look at the Stride gum website, it’s pretty good!  I mean their site is really interactive.  Has sort of a movie/secret laboratory thing going on.

The slogan is, “Ridiculously long lasting flavor,” or something like that.  Maybe that’s why they only give you 4 pieces…they might last all week.

So anyway, now I’m saddled with a product that I’m not sure if I should be enjoying or not.  Turns out, the gum is legit.  But it’s just handed to you by a complete stranger standing at the entrance to the subway.  Who the hell knows what’s really in the package.  Of course, that didn’t seem to stop many people.  There they all are, chomping away as they wait for the train.

Am I the only one that’s a little freaked by eating something like that?  Then again, I guess getting treats from strangers is the whole basis of Halloween.

3 thoughts on “Free Gum at the Subway

  1. It may be possible that you are overthinking this. I take candy from strangers all the time. It is taking it from BABIES that you have to look out for.


  2. Well…actually its much more safe to take candy from a stranger on halloween than it is on any other day because on Hallow, people are expected to get candy from strangers and its like a nation wide thing. Personally, if i walked to the train station and someone handed me something, 50% chance i’d take it, but 95% chance that i wouldnt eat it.


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