School of Visual Arts

Well, there’s no crazies on the train this morning…at least that I am aware of. And I didn’t see anything out of the ordinarty either.

So that’s usually when I start to look around the train a little carefully. The subway billboard ads are where I look first.

I’ve seen the School of Visual Arts ads before, and now I’m starting to appreciate them more. They themselves are interesting art works. I especially enjoy the one that has the pens, pencils, paintbrushes, etc attached to a computer mouse.

I also like their slogan, “How bad do you want to be good?” It’s kinda badass.

Anyway, the bigger point is that if you are going to spend an ass load of cash on buying subway ads, you better make the look good. There’s so many that just flat out suck. For example, just about all of the MTA’s ads. So if you are going to make me stare at your ad for my whole ride, you better make it memorable!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

2 thoughts on “School of Visual Arts

  1. Haven’t you yourself spoken out again SVA ads being not very impressive, and certainly not cool enough to inspire someone to go to SVA?


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