Suitcases Everywhere

Holy suitcases batman!  Where the hell is everyone going today?

Everywhere I look, there’s people with suitcases trying to get onto the subway.  I guess everyone is getting out of dodge for the weekend.  Maybe they figured that they would avoid the Memorial Day weekend traffic and just go the next weekend. 

I love how women pack massive suitcases that weigh more than they do just to go on a weekend trip.  There they stand, helplessly at the bottom of the stairs waiting for guys to come by and help them out.

Here’s a tip:  If that’s your game plan, you’d better be cute.  If you’re not at least a little attractive, good luck getting someone to stop and help you in the peak of the early morning commute.  This is especially true of you’ve got a bag packed with every pair of shoes you own (all 300 pairs) because you never know what you might need to wear in the 2 days you plan to be away from your apartment. 

There was a line of women waiting at the elevator at pen station.  There were so many, and their bags were so big, that they had to wait and go in shifts. 

I saw at least a half a dozen people getting on and off the trains with big rolling bags at EVERY stop this morning.  That’s just what I could see from my train car, so I am sure there were plenty more.  Hope there’s not something I should know about this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Suitcases Everywhere

  1. I agree 1000%!!! Who the hell needs all that crap for a vacation? If you need to bring that much junk then it’s not a vacation. Thank you Subway Blogger!


  2. Aaaand today they all came back. As I was waiting for my train at Times Square, about 10 people got off the train with suit cases. Suit cases of all shapes, sizes, and colors. At first I thought it could have been a bunch of tourists, but if they were leaving the city with suit cases on Friday, it would makes sense that they would be coming back to the city on Sunday or Monday.


  3. Hahah…yeah I saw them alllllll come back today too. Kinda scary.

    I hate coming back on a Monday. How do you go to work the same day you get back from a trip? I need at least a half a day to decompress.


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