Wake up and pay attention

You all know this person. They are the ones that wait for the last possible second to get off the train and then get pissy that people are in their way.

Usually, this person is completely zoned out. Then all of a sudden, they notice that the express train they want is across the platform. So, in a panic, they jump to their feet.


Yeah buddy, we noticed, but where were you 5 minutes ago when everyone around you got up?

So if you screw up because your iPod is cranked as high as it will go, and you don’t realize we are at your stop, don’t be retarded. One of these days (as I’m sure it has already happened) someone is going to get decked by the person they are trying to plow through. In the worst case, you just get off at the next stop and change directions.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

5 thoughts on “Wake up and pay attention

  1. So should I assume you have never done the above Patrick? I’m sure we have all had our moments where we are in another world & get up at the last minute.


  2. I’ve done something similar. When I need to get off the train and all the idiots are standing in the way I knock people over.

    And people being in their own world and getting up at the last minute is fine as long as you are polite. 99% of New Yorkers aren’t.


  3. I can’t disagree with you on the lack of politeness in the NYC Subway. The sad part is I think commuting brings out the worst in New Yorkers.


  4. I hope so because every time I ride the subway now I’m in a bad mood and it’s usually because of the rudeness of the people I ride with.


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