How better to start the week

Nothing like major service delays to start your week off right. This morning is a morning is a morning of firsts.

To start, I saw a train pulling into the station from my viewpoint up near the token booth. I took my time because the platform didn’t seem crowded. I was also in no rush this morning, so I figured I would be all set. So, that train closed its doors just as I reached the platform. No biggie.

That was my first mistake.

So there I stood, waiting for the next train. Waiting. Waiting. More and more people show up. Still waiting. Getting a little crowded now. Yup, still waiting.

Then an announcement I’ve never heard before. “After an earlier incident, downtown local trains are running. The next train is AT LEAST 20 minutes away.”

I’ve never heard them give an honest time estimate before. It’s always a generic “service is delayed” thing they try to pass off. Yes, I am pissed about the delay, but at least I have a reference to make an alternative plan against.

So now it’s time to hoof it or look for a cab.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “How better to start the week

  1. A couple months back I was catching an A train in Manhattan to get to JFK for a flight. As the train didn’t show up, I was getting pretty concerned. They finally came on after about fifteen minutes and said that it would be AT LEAST 45 MINUTES before the next A!!! Arg! I hopped over to the E to Queens and made the flight that way. It is pretty cool when they at least _try_ to let you know what is up.


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