Little Campers Everywhere

The mystery of where all the kiddies have gone has been solved. They are all of in summer camp-like programs that must all start at the exact same time in the morning.

I get down to the train at virtually the exact same time every day. So usually, I see the same usual suspects. A couple weeks ago, all the high school age and younger kids seemed to have disappeared. Obviously, school’s out for summer…or at least it’s exam time.

Today, however, I was just a few minutes earlier to the subway. I’ve found all the missing children. There they were with their mothers in tow. They are all off to their summer finger paint and basket weaving classes. So now I know exactly what time to avoid the subway like the plague. Luckily, the kids window is plus or minus five minutes.

From all directions, they flooded toward the subway entrance. It was as if a bell rang in the neighborhood, sending the signal that it was time for them to board. It was a little scary because it was one of those, “wait a minute, what am I missing” moments.

So it shall only take me this one time to learn my lesson. It only takes one time to hear an entire ride’s worth of poopy jokes to know that there’s no way in hell I will get on the train at this time again. That, combined with shrill screams and morning temper-tantrums (not by me) have also solidified my desire to never have kids in this city.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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