State GOP Says “Not So Fast” to Spitzer’s MTA Chairman Nomination

State GOP Chairman, Joseph N. Mondello, is promising a tough investigation into the nomination of H. Dale Hemmerdinger for MTA Chairman.  Hemmerdinger and his wife are regular financial contributors to the Democratic party and Democratic candidates.  So this raises red flags for Republicans.

From SAS:
“Last week, Dale Hemmerdinger opened his home to host a big money fundraiser for Governor Spitzer. This week, the Governor is nominating him to head the MTA when his mass transit experience appears to be limited to suggesting fee increases on hard working New Yorkers,” State GOP Chairman Joseph N. Mondello said in a statement. “Governor Spitzer appears to have instituted a brazen ‘pay to play’ culture in Albany that is disappointing and shocking to the people of New York State.”

You have to admit that it is a little suspect that you throw a big party for the Governor and then get a huge nomination.  I’m not saying there’s foul play involved, but it just doesn’t look good.

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