Well that only took a week

Today was the first day this week that I was able to catch my morning train to work!

This line has been f-ed up all week long. Twice, I got to the platform just as a train was leaving, only to wait 15+ minutes before an announcement of service changes.

Even after walking 20 blocks to the closest express stop, I was still screwed. There was a “sick passenger” that kept me from being able to transfer back to a local service line. So I had to say on the express train and catch a local back uptown.

When getting to the station where the alleged “sick passenger” was, I saw the “victim” surrounded by police. It wasn’t a sick passenger at all. It was an old, drunk woman who was screaming and yelling. She couldn’t walk 5 steps without tipping over. Then she would scream and try to squeeze out a slurred demand or racist rant.

Today, so far so good. I’d like to just forget this morning ever happened.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

One thought on “Well that only took a week

  1. It’s amazing that the MTA hasn’t figured out that ONE sick passenger is not a good enough reason to shut down the entire line. That is the dumbest policy I’ve ever heard! Push these people off the train and move on.

    And yes, if I was the sick I’d be fine with being pushed off the train onto the platform and left there. I can’t hold up thousands of people from going to work.

    And drunks can be pushed UNDER the train.


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