Sweat like a hog

Have you ever seen a man sweat so much that it was painful to look at? He’s dripping wet to the point that you actually begin to gag? Yeah. Me too, but I’m looking at it right now.

This guy is sweating buckets. Thank goodness the train isn’t over crowded today or I might have gone crazy. With my luck, I’d be pressed right up against him.

This morning, it’s warm on the platforms. It certainly isn’t so hot that you’d be near heart attack like this guy.

He’s a larger fellow…but I’m sure you figured that out. He’s in a suit, but he isn’t wearing the jacket anymore. He’s carrying it over his arm. However, it’s clear that he sweat right through the jacket already. His entire blue button down shirt is soaked like he got hit with a firehose.

Ok, it’s making me ill, so I have to stop.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

3 thoughts on “Sweat like a hog

  1. Well, I am pretty ‘svelte’ (workout 5-6x week for 2-3 hours) and I sweat buckets in the summer too. Some people really just can’t help it. Trust us, it’s uncomfortable for us too. Maybe we should start an anti-defamation league 😛


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