Poloshirts are heaven

Guys that can get away with just wearing a poloshirt to work have no idea how lucky they are. While they have no problem dealing with the oppressive subway heat, the rest of us are dying a slow death in our suits.

The powers in charge that mandate full dress attire in the peak of summer are tools. Honestly, can we all just get together in the boardroom wearing some light weight kakis and polos or will that make Bob from accounting cry?

There’s no need! Besides, no matter how nice your suit is, it looks like shit after you’ve sweat through the ass of your pants.

Offices that require full business wear should provide full locker rooms for the men to store their clothes. That way, we can wear shorts and t-shirts to work, and change when we get there. Otherwise, the subway is going to kill us, and we haven’t even reached the hottest point of the year!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

3 thoughts on “Poloshirts are heaven

  1. I just discovered the “polo cheat” this week. Couldn’t have had better timing. Best part: No undershirt is needed. Losing that extra layer really helps.


  2. I agree, totally. When I see the suits on the train with huge pit stains, it just looks remarkably nasty. The whole suit n tie = professional idea needs heavy tweaking.


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