iPhone Birthday

Today at 6pm Eastern, the iPhone goes on sale. SUBWAYblogger will actually be in the area of “The Cube” to witness the insanity.

The iPhone really is a dream toy for me since a majority of this blog is written remotely via Blackberry. I wonder how easy writing on it would be?

It would be sweet to have the “real Internet” on my phone too. It would be helpful for making other updates and changes when above ground. All the other functions would be fun to have too!

Unfortunately, I won’t be getting one any time soon. It’s complicated, but I would have to break my current contract. Also, it aint cheap! I don’t believe it is compatible with my work’s email setup either. Booo.

One day though. One day in the not to distant future.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

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