Pencils Ready…it’s Time to Grade the 7 Train.

If you recall, back in May the new MTA President decided that he wanted to create a grading system for the city’s subways and buses. Basically, riders will be given the opportunity to fill out survey cards about all things transit.

Yeah, the Straphanger’s Campaign has been doing this for years now, but I guess that doesn’t matter. It will be interesting though to compare the results.

Starting Tuesday and running for 3 days, riders on the morning 7 trains will be handed survey cards allowing grades of A thru F to be awarded in 21 categories.

The Post says the categories include:

…cleanliness, security, clarity of announcements and courtesy of transit workers.

On those alone, here’s our grade:

  1. Cleanliness C- (oh please)
  2. Security F+ (aka you failed well)
  3. Clarity of Announcements C (because that can’t possibly be English)
  4. Courtesy of Transit Workers C- (cranky pants)

This is going to be a complete shit show. Can’t wait to see the official results.

3 thoughts on “Pencils Ready…it’s Time to Grade the 7 Train.

  1. I ride the 7 every single day. Here’s my score:

    1. F. Ever hear of a broom?

    2. F. The closest thing to a cop I see are on the platforms at Times Square and Grand Central.

    3. F. Do they even make announcements?

    4. F. PFT. Courtesy my ass. They need to read those signs with Caroline Sanchez Bernat a few more times.


  2. First of all, those Straphanger surveys are crap. That whole organization is crap. They are way too easy on the MTA.

    Second, all the riders will probably give the train failing grades. This guy is very cool for letting everyone grade the train but it’s obvious what is wrong. You don’t need a survey to figure it out.


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