3 thoughts on “I didn’t know I could sweat there

  1. Just got in from the Rosevelt Ave station in Queens.
    It was so frikin hot in there and of course MTA thinks
    People dont travel on Sundays so the train took forever
    While a full platform of people stood by for a unexpeted
    sauna treat. This is at 7am. I can only imagine how it is
    later in the day. If there was ever a time i didnt care about
    getting a seat it was today. I just wanted a air condtioned car.
    The train pulled up and finally salvation and im first at the door.
    I get in and the same stale hot sticky air outside greets me inside.
    I have to switch train cars for relief. MTA get your —– together.
    Already your system is rarely worth the 2.00 I pay now.


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