Bud Select Sexes it Up

I’m glad to see that Budweiser Select has finally gotten back to its advertising roots. The latest campaign features a hot chick in a bikini, on the beach, holding a Select. The slogan underneath reads, “Step up to Select.”

Also, “Exceptional Taste. Never Filling.”. I agre with the second statement. The first is BS.

Anyway, back to the bikini…

They’ve finally agreed to get back to traditionalist beer advertising on the subways. The only thing that goes better that beer with girls is beer with girls in bikinis.

Bravo, Bud. Bravo.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

3 thoughts on “Bud Select Sexes it Up

  1. Look closely at the hack job photoshop work that they did between her legs on the poster where she’s leaning back. It looks like they removed the bottom portion of her bikini for some reason but the result makes it look like her legs are fused together. Bad, bad, bad.


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