Rain? What Rain? The Transit Gods Smile Upon Me

As many loyal readers know, the transit gods often poop on my morning commute.  Yes, that’s right…I said poop.

Today, however, they spared me from a complete nightmare.  As we all are completely aware, it’s raining like hell today.  When I woke up and looked out the window, it was coming down in buckets.

I did the morning routine, and headed out with my umbrella in hand.  Nothing.  It had completely stopped raining.  So I wandered over to the subway without having to take out my umbrella.

I thought for sure that the heavy rain was going to screw up my train.  I was waiting there, completely expecting there to be an announcement saying that the tracks were under water or something.  Nope.  The train showed up, and had no problems all the way to work.

I got off the train and started to hoof it over to the office.  Just as I was starting to get close, it started to sprinkle a little.  There was still no need for the umbrella though.  So, I got into work completely dry.  By the time I got up the elevator to my office, it was pouring again.  I looked out my window and could hardly see the building across the street it was raining so hard.

Then I heard that all the highways were flooded, Metro North was all f-ed up, and subways were starting to experience extensive delays.  Somehow, I had completely avoided transit hell.

Let’s hope it keeps up on the way home today.  I’m not holding my breath, though.

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