NY State Approves Congestion Pricing!

State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno says that congestion pricing will pass the state legislature as part of a deal worked out with Bloomberg.

From 1010 WINS:

A spokesman for Gov. Eliot Spitzer confirmed the deal, which is being written into draft legislation and a letter of agreement, Bruno said. The agreement on Bloomberg’s congestion pricing proposal will allow the city to qualify as a federal pilot program and receive as much as $500 million in federal funds to improve mass transit, Bruno said.

Holy hell!  I thought for sure that the thing was dead.  Guess not!  Glad to see that the state legislature was able to have some sense talked into it. 

4 thoughts on “NY State Approves Congestion Pricing!

  1. What a sad day it is when such a horrible idea is implemented that helps out very few people. As usual anything outside of Manhattan gets the screw job.


  2. Ok, so now it costs more money to drive into Manhattan and more money to ride the subway. Did we just get royally screwed?

    Are you happy now SubwayBlogger?


  3. Cities like New York City have to take the lead in issues like this one. So I applause the efforts made by Mayor Bloomberg and the support given by people like you! Congratulations.


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