Subway Maps for iPhone


iPhone users can get a nifty little app for their device that shows a full New York City subway map.  It’s a spawn of the infamous iPodmaps. now offers up the service.  It’s free.  SUBWAYblogger doesn’t have a iPhone, but we’d sure like one!  Have you tried it?  Let us know how it is.

Side note…with all the Blackberry mentions that SUBWAYblogger gives out, you’d think that maybe BlackBerry/RIM would throw us a bone and give us a new Curve or something?  Nope.  Of course.  No love at all for the little guy.  I can’t wait for the day that it’s time to upgrade from this device to a newer model and they slap me with the full MSRP price.  Caaaaan’t wait.  But if you work for BlackBerry, how bout it…ehh ehh??

Anyway, back to the maps.  The map itself appears to just be an image of some sort.  I don’t think it has any fancy functionality or anything.  However, I hear that there are issues with how iPhone encodes imported images that make something like a map a bit tricky.  So this website has gotten around that somehow. 

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