1 Train is #1, W is the Worst in Straphanger Ratings

1 Train

Well, the results are in from the 10th Straphangers Campaign Report.  The 1 train was rated the best overall line in the entire system (I catch a faint smell of bullsh*t), and the W train is tied for worst line with the C train.  No shock in either case on the losing end.

This “State of the Subways” Report Card tells riders how their lines do on these key aspects of service.  We look at six measures of subway performance for the city’s 22 major subway lines, using recent data compiled by MTA New York City Transit.2  Much of the information has not been released publicly before on a line-by-line basis.   Most of the measures are for all or the last half of 2006.

Let’s review the 1 line ratings for a moment.  It ranked with above average regularity.  I kinda beg to differ on that one.  It does come with great regularity, but when it gets screwed up, look out.  One little mishap on that line ruins the entire 24 hours following.

When you factor in the fact that it breaks down more than average, how good is it really?  That’s basically like saying that it works great when it’s actually not broken down.  So as long as it isn’t too hot, isn’t too cold, not too wet, and there’s no crazy people on board, you can count on the 1 !

Above average on in-car announcements?  Uhhh no.  Sorry.  Unless the average is barely English, I don’t think it’s that high.

As for the C and the W trains, well…I agree with everything they say.  Basically, waiting those trains is a roll of the dice every single time you go.

Interestingly, the report is based on MTA data that is collected through the year.  Ever notice those people standing on the platform with a watch and a clipboard?  They usually have an orange vest on.  Anyway, they are doing part of the survey work.  Sounds like an awesome job.  Anyway, it makes me question the actual results…something about the MTA reviewing itself.

The Entire Report

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