Harry Potter Takes Over the Subway

Harry Potter subway reader

Yesterday, there were Harry Potter readers everywhere you turned. Every other person on the train had their heads burried in a thick book.

Today, there seems to be even more! Maybe yesterday made the closet Potter fans feel ok with taking their books out.

Most people took of the paper jackets on their copy, so all you could see was the orange and green hard cover. However, you still know it is a Potter book because people have them clutched to their chests as if they were made of gold.

Subway riders seem a little more focused on finding a good spot to pull out their books and read. The seats are full of HP readers. There’s some people standing, but that huge book seems like a bit too much to handle while also trying to keep your balance.

So here’s the game of the day. Count the Harry Potter books. When you are on the train later today, see how many you can spot.

I’ll kick it off with 6 so far.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Takes Over the Subway

  1. I saw 6 yesterday, none this morning but my train car was unusually empty. Most people I know (myself included) had already finished the book before the Monday morning commute.


  2. Ive only seen 1 so far. I guess you have to go further mid town to see more.

    I dont own the book and dont plan on it. One to two days after the book came out the ending was spoiled for me when I heard it on FOX News and accidentally saw a topic title in a forum that also wrote exactly what happens in the end. I was like DAMN IT… same thing happened to me for the Harry Potter book as well.


  3. Ok. This is starting (If it wasnt before) to get highly annoying. My friend, who i had never known to be a potter fan, buys that book the day it comes out. Ok. Actually, the only reason he bought it, was because he said, “Oh, well i just wanted to see who dies in the end.” When he realized that he had a hard time finding the answer, he gave up. I mean, are these people reading this for a fad or because they truely enjoy it? Hmm…


  4. I only saw one this morning. I’ll have to pay closer attention on the ride back home.I usually have my own head buried in something (OK, get your mind out of the gutter!)


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