MTA/Transit Public Relations Stunt Goes…Well

Other than someone yelling out, “Keep the fares down, bastard,” the public appearance stunt went very well.  MTA and NYCT heads took their case to the people yesterday morning.

Elliot G. Sander, the executive director and chief executive of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, actually stood on the Grand Central platform handing out flyers.  That’s right, handing out flyers.  He might as well have been wearing a sandwich-board too.

He’s fairly new, and hasn’t been involved in any scandals (yet), so his face is not that well know.  Apparently, only very few people actually stopped to talk to him.  However, it was probably very odd to see a man dressed in a very nice suit handing out flyers.  That and all the news cameras around were probably a tip.  (See the photo)

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