Quiet is scary

Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker and a regular subway rider, but a calm mornings are always a little tense.

I’m not used to it not being crowded, the train arriving on time, the announcements being clear, and the people being normal. It always seems like the calm before the storm.

I honestly had to look at my BlackBerry calendar to make sure that today was in fact Monday. There aren’t any business looking people on this train, so that makes it even stranger. I though that I might have had an insane moment and left for work on a Sunday.

Anyway, here I am. So far so good. Maybe this is prepayment for a really crappy ride home…who knows. For now, I’ll take it. Cautiously.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

2 thoughts on “Quiet is scary

  1. I had the same experience this morning.

    I take the M train to Lawrence street in the mornings and its a local train so it gets crowded by the time we get to pacific street but today there was like no one on the train except maybe a handful of people.

    Well maybe it was just my cart because there was this weird lady in a Yankees blue sweat pants sitting across from me. She stands up and starts walking around (keep in mind 80% of the seats are empty). Im reading my book but I notice her off my peripheral shes doing this pole dancing thing shaking her butt on the pole closest to me and Im thinking “oh nose another crazy.” I then notice the smell of urine and Im thinking maybe shes homeless and she just stinks but then I realize shes was also fanning her pants and kicking her feet (like a dance) earlier Im like “oh nose she peed herself.” I am not 100% sure if she did because I couldn’t bring myself to look up at her (except a few glances) but im 80% sure she did Im good at this guessing game. She whore those dark blue Yankees sweat pants anyway so I wouldn’t have been able to tell without staring no way I want to risk getting caught doing that.


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