Elderly Rejoice. Subway Elevators and Escalator Status Available Online

mta-2.gifStarting today, subway riders can visit the MTA website to find out about elevator and escalator outage information.  The page is updated three times a day.  So now you can find out that you’re shit out of luck from the comfort of your own home. 

Did you know…

NYC Transit has 158 elevators and 169 escalators.

While that does not seem like enough in today’s ADA world, it seems like way more than I’ve ever noticed.  If I think really hard, I can think of maybe a dozen or two places where there’s an escalator or elevator.  So the fact that there are over a hundred of each is quite surprising to me. 

Anyway, the MTA admits that they are way behind on making stations ADA compliant.  That’s what this guy has been screaming about for quite some time now. 

Apparently, there is hotline that has been around just for this.  Who knew?  So now the website will reflect the same kind of information that is available over the phone. 

Read the press release

3 thoughts on “Elderly Rejoice. Subway Elevators and Escalator Status Available Online

  1. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper and better for everyone all around to provide people in wheelchairs with good paratransit?


  2. That would make way too much sense. It’s better instead to spend billions on elevator additions that will be broken within a couple years.

    Random gripe: WTF is up with the N? No downtown express service for a month?! Rush-hour too! Is The MTA on vacation or something? (Oh, and the 4/5 this morning was crazy busy)


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