Subway ads are art and entertainment

I know I’ve said it before, but I really enjoy the School of Visual Arts subway ads. The just recently put up a new campaign. They are even more clever that the last batch!

You can’t beat the slogan either, “How bad do you want to be good?” Makes me want to be an artist.

Anway, you can just stand here and look at them. Some of them are kinda like visual puzzles.

I enjoy the one with the fotune cookies, and the one with the spider web.

Anyway, this is quickly becoming a super lame post. Actually, we’re way past that point. So all I have to say is these ads are better than a Dr Zizmore…or whatever the hell his name is…ad any day.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

2 thoughts on “Subway ads are art and entertainment

  1. Hey Subway Blogger, thanks for the post but you self-edited the post before putting up a photo or two of the ads. Californians read your blog, too! Got any shots of the art?


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