VIDEO: Stalking Bloomberg on the Subway


This guy has some balls.  He’s basically stalks Mayor Bloomberg on his way to work via the subway.  Bloomberg is known to take the subway to work most days.  Interestingly, he gets driven from his home on East 79th to the 59th Street station, then he rides.

Anyway, this guy clearly has a problem with Bloomberg’s decisions on emergency worker’s health-care.  Politics aside, it is hilarious to watch this guy just bombard Bloomy with questions.  He basically drives Bloomy’s security detail insane.

Has anyone ever ridden the train with the Mayor?  I think it would be one of the strangest things ever to be pressed right up against him like any other passenger.

This brings up another concern:  What happens if there’s a subway disaster while Bloomberg is on the train?  What if something happens that causes him to be stuck down there…meanwhile chaos is occurring on street level?  Personally, I like the fact that he rides the train as often as possible, but I guess it comes with some risk of the city’s leader getting stuck underground while a major emergency rages topside.

This is just one clip of the whole 3 part series.

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