SUBWAYblogger’s 1st Birthday!!

birthday_cake_candles_t.jpgHappy Birthday to US. One year ago today, SUBWAYblogger made it’s first post ever.

August 12th (yesterday)will henceforth be known as SUBWAYblogger day. It was this date (yesterday) way back when in 2006 that SB made this post CLICK HERE. It was a looooong one. We quickly knocked that crap off and decided to keep them short and sweet as often as possible.

Some fan favorites this past year have included:

Annoying Subway People (Part 2)
Getting it Off My Chest
Last Minute Arrival Guy

…and many others.

In just this short year, we’ve even done a site redesign.

In any event, this little blog that was never really intended to have many readers has really taken off (much to our surprise). It’s all thanks to you, the SUBWAYblogger reader. We especially love when you have sent us story ideas! And we always love the colorful comments.

So thanks for stopping by. We’re looking forward to the next year of subway shenanigans.

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