We’re Back! And all we missed was a murder

SUBWAYblogger’s back from vacation, and apparently the only big news that we missed was a murder yesterday on the 5 train. So not all that much while we were away.

Rayquon Smith19-year-old Rayquon Story was shot and killed on the 5 train between 180th Street and Dyre Avenue. 3 of his homies were also shot, but they are in stable condition.

Apparently, the teens got into some sort of fight at a neighborhood BBQ party. This group of 4 guys headed to the subway, but were followed by the other teen gunman. There another fight ensued, but obviously the gunman won that round.

Shockingly, there are no arrests or suspects at this time.

I say shockingly because of the whole “stop snitchin‘” code of ethics in those communities. Even if there were eye witnesses, it is against the rules to cooperate with police to find the shooter. Basically, under no circumstances what-so-ever should anyone ever tell the police anything about what they see happen in their communities. So that’s why it’s highly unlikely that a suspect will be caught in these situations.

The only time someone does end up getting caught is if the police are able to find some sort of hard, physical evidence like a fingerprint or murder weapon. Otherwise, they have little or no chance of relying on other citizens to tell them what they saw.

So if these communities want to continue with their stop snitchin’ movement, the city should just pull out all the police from that area. Just reassign the police patrols to the surrounding, more cooperative communities. That way they get double the amount of protection so that the criminal activity remains contained in the areas where police presence is clearly not wanted.

Maybe throw a few of those cops on the trains to protect the people that have to ride through those areas to get where they’re going.

4 thoughts on “We’re Back! And all we missed was a murder

  1. The Criminal was caught!! I happen to be a relative of RayQoun’s and I think this is a VERY INSENSITIVE ARTICLE!!!


  2. Wow, All you missed was a murder. Those people, Those communities. I take it you are speaking of African Americans? What if It were an Investment Banker from 86th Street, would you still feel the same way. Maybe your spending too much time in Starbucks. I don’t know if you are a RACIST but your comments truly are insensitive. This young man is a murder victim, but reading your post it seems one group of thugs killed one of another group of thugs.
    The year is 2007, when will this “Them and Us” mentality disappear!


  3. Insensitive? It’s hard to be sensitive when it seems to happen over and over again in those neighborhoods. There’s no shock factor when it happens anymore.

    If it happened on 86th Street, that WOULD be a shock because that kind of thing rarely happens there. So what’s your point?

    Did you read any of the articles linked to in the post? Did you read about the origin of the “stop snitchin” movement?

    Yeah, it’s sad the kid was killed. However, he and those who shot him are products of their environment. An environment that thinks it’s ok to go out of their way to NOT support their community police.

    If they don’t trust the police, fine. They then need to step up their own community watch programs if they want to stop the violence.

    I love what the father of one of the victims in the Newark college kids murder had to say at a press conference. He doesnt blame the Mayor or police effort. He blames the parents. He holds the parents and families of the murderers for not teaching their kids what is right and wrong.

    “..it’s not about the Mayor, it’s about the Parents… not raising their kids right”.

    It’s not racist, it’s a fact. Compare the murder rates of 86th Street to this street in the Bronx. There’s a much higher crime rate there. Does it have anything to do with race? Maybe. Maybe it has to do with income levels, maybe it has to do with education. Who knows…but the fact is that crime is higher in those communities, and a “stop snitchin'” movement is certainly not going to help things.


  4. Im gonna have to agree with Subway Blogger. I dont think that Subway Blogger was using those statements in a way to seem racist. It is, actually, a fact, that in neighborhoods like that, this happens alot. It’s sad. But true. Im from a neighborhood that would be considered “the opposite of 86th street”, but im not going to go around using a race card and blaming other people for what happened. In my neighborhood this happens sometimes as well, and its because the ppl decided that they wanted to hurt someone. Maybe for people like us…yes us, we should look @ ourseleves and realize what we’re doing wrong. I do understand the concept that u r not suppose to say anything, and thats just how it is, actually. But, the police usually do their job and thats that.

    Btw, what do you (Tom McManus ) mean by the Starbucks thing? Was that some sort of statement meaning that people who hang in stabucks are insensitive to this subject? (Ok, well i do know what you meant by that and i was just because a little sarcastic/passive) But, seriously, i dont see a big problem with this article and i feel bad for the victims family.


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