Fire Trucks at the Subway

Ugh…you know it’s not good when you get to the subway and see 7 fire trucks parked around your subway entrance, you could be in for a long morning. In this case, it was a little suspicious.

As I entered the subway, I saw firemen and police officers, but they did not look like they were “in action.” So I asked what was going on.

“There’s signal problems and trains might stop running, so you better try getting on the next one quick,” said the police woman.

Ok, signal problems. Annoying as all hell, but certainly nothing unusual. If it is signal problems, what’s with all the fire trucks?

I’d understand a slew of MTA trucks, but not really fire crews. If it truely was a signal issue, then I guess I give them credit for having rescue on site while they send MTA Workers onto the active rails. Still, the number of firemen there was a little alarming.

So far, the ride has been fine. No hangups. We’ve been held an extra minute at a couple stops, but that’s about it.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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