Subway Buttons for Sale. Railfans Rejoice.


Looking for the perfect gift for the railfan that has everything?  How about the complete set of subway line buttons!

Cool I guess, but wow.  The fact that people actually take the time to order these things is shocking to me.  If someone were standing in the subway, selling these things for a buck, sure…I’d buy one.  Maybe even a few. 

The retailer, Nevermindspace (what ever the hell that is) is selling them to raise money for their free events.  What free events?  Pillow fight, the bubble battle and capture the flag…duh. 

What the hell is pillow fight?  Oh, I’m so glad you asked…


So anyway, you can buy each button individually for $1.50, but if you call in the next 10 minutes, you can get the complete set for one eeeeeasy payment of just $27.00.

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