Subway Pervert Caught on Camera

As the Post reports in their story headlined, “Victim Nails Perv,” (perhaps a poor choice of words) a woman managed to snap a camera phone image of a creepy guy who kept exposing himself.

Some creepy dude followed a woman around from train to train.  On each train, he took out his “basket of goodies” to expose to her.  At one point, he even lit a cigarette first!

She tried changing from train to train, but he kept following her.

What’s even more disturbing is that no one helped her.

She tried to get a fellow rider to help her by yelling, “Mister! Mister!”

But the straphanger just looked up, saw the fracas and promptly stuck his nose back in his book.

Finally, she decided to pull out her cellphone and catch him in the act.  (photo here)  She then got off the train and called 911.  The police came and arrested Jay Arungah, 24, for a variety of sexual offenses.  He’s held with a $2000 bond.

2 thoughts on “Subway Pervert Caught on Camera

  1. Oh man…that guy mustve been one D.Bag/Jerk-Off, whatever. And whats ever worse is the guy who didnt help the woman…wow…well, at least now i know that if im being stalked on a train i wont get help…very comforting…


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