Facebook Subway Status App

Well now they’ve thought of everything. Someone (not the MTA) has created a little subway status application for your Facebook profile. Now, you and other users in the Facebook community can run your own subway transit alert system.

Facebook Subway Application

I haven’t played with it that much, but here’s the basics I’ve learned so far. After installing on your profile, you select the train that you ride. That then becomes your default view. You then automatically see all the other users that also ride that line. If you notice trouble on your ride, you are supposed to go into the app and update it with what you experienced. That information is then available to the rest of the community.

I guess the goal is to have as many people using it as possible. If there aren’t, it won’t be updated that often I guess. Anyway, it’s pretty cool and worth taking a look at.

The application is available here, and you can see it in action through SUBWAYblogger’s Facebook profile.

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