We’re Not Alone. The MTA is Watching.

So as we’ve recently learned, we are being watched by the MTA. We the bloggers, that is.

Knowing that MTA officials are reading our blogs, I think it’s time to say something. Since we know they are listening, let’s give them something.

On that note, let’s start an open thread that the MTA will hopefully read. To start things off, let’s do a quick poll.


If you could tell the MTA / NYC Transit anything, what would you want them to know?  What would you want them to change?  Write your ideas in the comments of this post.

Send a link to this post to everyone you know.  The more voices, the more likely they are to listen.  Don’t forget to check back and see what others have written.  Of course you can comment on other readers thoughts as well.

Let’s find out for ourselves if they are really listening.

3 thoughts on “We’re Not Alone. The MTA is Watching.

  1. A new fare system (prox cards or a similar system with cell phones) is crucial. Granted this isn’t busBlogger but if we implement faster fare collection on buses far more people would use them as they speed up, reducing the load on the subway for shorter trips.


  2. Make all fare cards and all turnstiles RFID (proximity) so that people can keep them in their hip pockets and walk through.

    This would eliminate the “I’m a doofus who walked into the turnstile and blocked five people before STARTING to fumble with my wallet” problem.


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