Miss Teen USA Mapped Out

(I promise, we’ll relate this to the subway. Stand clear of the closing doors, we’re on the way.)Ok so did you see the complete train wreck that was Miss South Carolina’s answer during the Miss Teen USA pageant? If not, here it is. I warn you, this is so embarrassing, it will make you a little nauseous. I saw it a week ago when someone at work sent me the link. I had to watch it a few times, because I could not sit through the whole thing the first time.

Was I right or what? Yeah, I know…you’re gonna pass that one around the office.

Anyway, I stumbled across this site where someone took her answer and made it into a subway map. Granted, this looks a little more like a Tube map, but hey, it’s still subway to me.

Miss Teen USA

So as promised, we’ve now connected Miss Teen USA to the Subway. That’s nothing short of magic.

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