OMG!!!!! One of the most shocking subway videos ever

Ok, you haaaaaaaave to watch this video. Stop whatever you are doing, and watch this clip. It is simply astonishing!!  This is the subway in Mumbai:



Is that not the craziest shit you’ve ever seen?!?!  What’s even scarier is that’s how our subways are going to be in the next 3 years.  And people will still keep riding.

How insane is it that they don’t even bother closing the doors?  You can see that some of them try to close, but the train just pulls away.  It’s even funnier that the train cars are organized by sex.  I was wondering why those guys were climbing on there like spider monkeys when the next train seemed much less crowded.

I wonder why the trains even stop?  If they’re going to ride like that, the trains should just slow down and let people bail off.  It would probably save some significant travel time.  Then, new riders can dive to get on the train.

WOW…I’m gonna go watch it again.

6 thoughts on “OMG!!!!! One of the most shocking subway videos ever

  1. I’m glad you specified that this was filmed in Mumbai. I thought for sure that this was the 4/5 Uptown morning rush-hour at Union Square.


  2. WTF!!!!!! How do people not get crushed or injured while the train is going through subway tunnels.

    I was left speechless after watching this clip!


  3. I think I would have to cross-dress before work in the morning so that I could ride in the car with the ladies–at least they didn’t have to hang off the side!!


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