Animated subway construction map timeline graphical wondery

That headline’s a mouthful.  Anyway…

Second Avenue Sagas stumbled across a nifty little animated gif image of the NYC Subway map.  One by one, it reveals the segments of the system in the order they were built.   It’s pretty cool.

As Ben points out, most people don’t appreciate that there was a time when the subway was very limited.  As a matter of fact, it was quite segmented.  There were short stretches of stand-alone lines. 

There were short, little segments out in Brooklyn that went basically nowhere.  There was also a time where there were no underwater crossings. 

The system has come a long way in the last 100 years.  Let’s hope the drive that got it built in the first place continues to keep the system up and running. 

2 thoughts on “Animated subway construction map timeline graphical wondery

  1. I don’t think that those isolated sections were really isolated when they were built, I think they were part of the earlier elevated lines (which were mostly steam-powered). Most of the els were demolished, but I think maybe those isolated sections were retrofitted and incorporated into the subway systems as they were developed… It’s just a strange graphic, since it doesn’t show the old els disappearing as the subways took over.


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