What a kick in the nuts

So how’s this for bullsh*t…

My hosting account was deactivated today because there was allegedly “adult content” posted on my server. 

There’s actually many websites that are hosted through my account.  A domain that I owned years ago, and have since sold, was for some reason tracked back to this account.  That old domain is now being hosted as a porno site, but I haven’t had anything to do with it forever. 

Somehow, the site was associated with my site somewhere in the Internet ether. 

So they shut down my account.  Of course, they never tried to contact me or anything…they just shut it off.  So that was fun.  Then trying to explain that I don’t own the domain any more was a whole other issue that was not being understood by them.

Anyway, thanks for being patient!  We’re back, and porno free. 

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