Surf the Web — Not the Train


Words of wisdom from the MTA that escaped some dude recently.

AMNY Tracker reports that today’s morning Q train snafu was due to a subway surfer.  No, not some idiot riding inside the train pretending to surf down the middle of the isle.  No, instead it is usually a rider on top of (as in the outside) the train or clinging to the side.

This practice is discouraged, hence the MTA Subchat campaign pictured above.

Who in the hell would actually do something like that?  Well, just last month, SUBWAYblogger posted a video clip of an entire train’s worth of idiots riding on the outside of the train.  Of course, that was a different country, but you get he point.

It took 45 minutes to get the guy off the top of the Q train which stopped between stations.  If I were stuck on that train, it wouldn’t have mattered if the guy got off alive because I would absolutely killed him anyway.  He would have had a better shot at surviving the trip on the roof.

“It’s happened before and usually when it happens, the person gets killed,” said Transit spokesman Charles Seaton.

Uhhh…yeah.  No shock there.

For that matter, do kids that live in New York have any right to complain about being bored?  I mean are these kids that bored out of their minds that they have to train surf for entertainment?  You essentially live at the center of the modern universe, yet you cant find anything better to do with you time than this kind of crap?

6 thoughts on “Surf the Web — Not the Train

  1. You’re a bit of a shit, aren’t you mate? A self-righteous turd would be my choice of phrase. And who the hell are you to talk about ‘nothing better to do’, you blog about fucking TRAINS! ‘Hrrr, I’m so angry, I’m gonna kill those train surfers when I catch them!’… yeah? Well something tells me they might be a tad faster than you.


  2. Hahaha. Nothing better to do while riding the train to work yes. In the mean time, this site probably makes more $$ a month than you do in a year.

    But go ahead and ride on top if you want to. It will give me plenty more to write about 🙂


  3. We used to smoke between cars a LONG time ago when there was just a swinging chain on each side of the coupling keeping you from falling off. That was stupid but million and millions of people passed between cars like that for decades. You have to be a retart to ride on the outside of a NYC Subway car.


  4. @The SUBWAYblogger: There were almost 100 million smokers in this country when I was a kid. There are still over 50 million unfortunates that are actively addicted. I have been smoke free for 5 years and I think cigarette companies should get the shit taxed out of them. There were smoking cars on NJ Transit (Erie Lackawana) and almost all train lines in the world.


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