Too Close for Comfort

Really?  I mean REALLY?  With all the problems this year associated with track worker safety, does this really seem safe?  You tell me.Granted, this tape was shot in January 2007, but still.  I bet it still happens today.

Track workers squeeze into safety space to avoid approaching train.

2 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort

  1. Not to add insult to injury … those subway signs that show a guy (diletante) clinging to the outside of a car with the caption “it might be the last ride of his life” is a message to whom? The casual rider is in no way inclined to grasp the outer door and ride to the next stop … and the OTHER type of person that is addressed by the the sign is young teens who (up until looking at the sign) have no idea that this is a thing considered “cool” by some other teens and, of course, verboten. Resulting in teens attempting to replicate an action they would otherwise never have even CONSIDERED (had they not seen the posted placard.) These placards ENCOURAGE if not INCITE youths toward specifically forbidden acts that feed their rebellious button. I’m no conspirist, but who are we sending what message to by these “safety” bulletins? … I’m certainly not benefitting by them … I’m always on the lookout for people riding the outside of the car because I am worried that someone who will bind up the tracks because they saw it done on a subway poster. Realistically speaking, what does this placard CHANGE for the MTA? … bonkus


  2. Not only is it still done, but that is what those niches are for. I doubt it will ever be changed but thanks for your concern.


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