Black Guys Beat Boxing Phil Collins = AWESOME

Just further proof that black guys can make even the whitest songs sound better.

(I know this isn’t the NYC Subway, but it was too good not to post!)

9 thoughts on “Black Guys Beat Boxing Phil Collins = AWESOME

  1. I love how the white folks sit there not knowing what to do…hahahaha. You silly white people, loosen up….where else butthat great city of new york could this happen?


  2. It’s Line 1 in Paris. Which has the funniest automated announcements of all time recorded by a completely confused sounding lady who butchers FDR’s poor name. “Franklin Roosevelt?? Franklin Roosevelt…”


  3. Definitely the Paris Metro, probably the 1 line.

    Check out all of the FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT overhead platform signs visible out the window from 3:46 through 2:52 (remaining) in the video.

    Here’s another pic of one of the same platform signs:

    Very nice.


  4. Yes, I can confirm that it is Paris.

    I think if it were NYC, people would listen, but act like they weren’t paying attention.

    Then again, if it were 3am on a train somewhere in the Village, anything is possible.


  5. It definitely looks like New York City, but I guess the reactions would have been the same in either place. It is funny to see the white people react to them though hahaha.


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