MTA Kicking the Idea of Peak/Off Peak Pricing for Subways

The MTA released a proposal today to increase fares on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North by 6.5%, and 25 cents for the subway.

Part of the proposal calls for a peak and off peak system to be implemented for MetroCard users.   Peak rides would cost $2.25.  Off peak rides would only cost $1.50.  These rates only apply to the pay-per-ride system.

Unfortunately, unlimited MetroCard rates would go up to $82.00, an increase of 8%.

Any proposed fare hike could take effect as early as next year.

At this point, I say bring it on.  I mean really, I am just tired of the whole debate. The fare hike is just a reality that is going to happen.  I mean sure, there are probably a dozen or more alternative ways to make up the missing revenue, but we simply don’t have the leadership to get any of them done.

There’s probably a way to not only avoid a hike, but to get a fare cut.  Unfortunately, the entire system is too highly politicized.  There are too many people involved in the process, so it makes any nontraditional method a complete nightmare implement.

7 thoughts on “MTA Kicking the Idea of Peak/Off Peak Pricing for Subways

  1. You’re right. Just do it. The Subway fare should be pegged to inflation and adjusted every 5 years anyway. Plus, the New York City subway is really really cheap, relative to other places.


  2. Considering ridership is at record highs of 15% overall in the past 10 years, budget surpluses each of the past 4 years, why pass the buck to the paying customers? Do people get raises of 6-12% the way we get taxed?

    Property taxes just went up 67% in the past 5 years, electric bill just went up 12%, now we are facing an 18% water bill hike after a 20% one in the past two years.

    Should we take a look at cutting gov’t agencies, and maybe cutting fares that way those who maybe drive would consider taking mass transit?

    I have a petition you may like to view which has been sent to the Gov, Mayor, MTA President Howard Roberts, and Elliot Sander. Take a look at what the public is saying.


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