Subway Spillage


We’ve discussed on previous occasions that eating on the subway is a little odd.  Not completely unheard of, but a bit strange nevertheless.  Hand in hand with eating on the train is the much more common practice of drinking on the subway.

No, I don’t mean funneling beers and body shots.  I mean coffee, soda, herbal teas, etc.  Every now and then, you find a huge puddle in a seat or series of seats.  It happens at a somewhat alarming rate.

It just goes to show that there are a lot of idiots that ride the train.  The only way I can think that the entire contents of a beverage could end up on the seat of a train would be if the owner placed the open container on the seat.  Some rocket scientist must place their open container on an empty seat so that they can have two free hands with which to show their cheeseburger in their face. 

Shockingly, the train hits the brakes!  Then the unattended drink goes flying down the row of seats. 

It’s even more annoying are the people fighting to get to the wet seat.  Then, they get there and see the puddle.  They look around at the others standing there as if we had something to do with it.  Meanwhile, grandma has knocked down people to get at that seat only to be sorely disappointed. 

As if we were all packed like sardines onto this train, and none of us wanted to sit down.  Yes, I am pressed up against the woman in front of me so hard I can feel things that I really don’t want to feel.  Yet none of us feel the need to sit in an empty seat?  Yeah, think about it.  It could be one of many things, not the least of which include a mess in the seat, a fat person on the left or right, a smelly guy, etc.

And there I am without my squeegee.

4 thoughts on “Subway Spillage

  1. You are so right! They always look at you sitting next to it like you did something wrong. Either YOU spilled it or YOU didn’t alert them when they entered the train.

    I see “new” train riders who do try to alert people that the seat is wet and then find out after about 5-6 stops that this is just too much work.


  2. I’ve seen one of these people. This guy once got on my train, sat about three seats down and placed his open coffee on the open seat next to him as he fiddled with his BlackBerry. And it’s not like the seats on the old orange and yellow seat trains are flat, either. I stared for the longest time because the second our train stopped short, that coffee would spill over and come quite close to me. Granted his coffee never spilled, but now I know where these people come from.


  3. Then you get yuck on your towel. I carry napkins and plastic bags, which are usually enough to clean up water. When I travel with my kid I’ve got baby wipes, which can come in very handy.


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