Subway Surfer Killed in Washington Heights (155th Street)

Rumor has it that a 21 year old was “thrown from a train” up in Washington Heights, and killed.  Details are very hard to come by because police are not being very forthcoming at this time.  Also, details are hard to get late at night when the majority of the press are home in bed.

The kid was on (literally) a downtown C train.  Witnesses say that he may have been train surfing.

What the hell is train surfing?  It’s riding on the top of the subway cars like an old western movie.  Possibly one of the dumbest ideas ever.

The “victim” was on top of the train, according to witness reports, when the train went under an overpass.  You can fill in the blanks from there.  I will insert the sound effect:  SPLAT!

I know, I know.  I’m going to get chewed apart in the comments for being insensitive.  I don’t care.  Folks, this is Darwinism at its best.  As a species, our future is a little better of than it was yesterday.

If it turns out that the kid accidentally fell off an overpass, onto the top of the train, and then surfed it downtown, I will retract my statement.

All the details are/were unconfirmed at the time this was posted.  However, my secret sources say this is pretty much a closed case.

10 thoughts on “Subway Surfer Killed in Washington Heights (155th Street)

  1. Your secret sources on the message boards?

    Yeah, I don’t feel too bad for these idiots. If they are going to train surf, they’ll get what’s coming to them. Or in this case, what’s rushing at them at high speeds.


  2. Also, there should be a smiley face after my first question. I saw those discussions earlier this evening. That’s two Darwin train deaths in one day with the other being the guy who was killed when attempting to demonstrate what happens to a penny when a train runs over it. Oops.


  3. This is why I do all my subwaysurfing inside!
    Check me out at

    But enough of the shameless plug!!! I STILL amazes me that morons like this STILL exist! You gotta be high on dope and dogfood to even think that you have a chance of successfully surfing a subwaytrain expecially in light of the OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary! You gotta wonder if this guy had a death wish. If that was the case, he definitely got his wish.


  4. benjimin was never pushed nor was he train surfing…..hes was riding to get in the cart…..before you make any judgement get your fActs straight because this was a tradgedy……plus people die doing all types of risky hobbies….so leave my brother alone and allow him to rest in peace!!!!!!!!!


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