Don’t Bother Attending Fare Hike Hearings

Because MTA board members don’t even bother attending, and it’s their job.  Yes, three board members have managed to not attend a single fare hike hearing, yet they are eligible to vote on the issue when the time comes.


Andrew Saul, Donald Cecil and Susan Metzger are the board members who have not made it to a single hearing.  They also happen to be co-chairs of the “Show Up When We Damn Well Please Committee.”

Saul is vice-chairman and head of the finance committee!  Head of finance, yet can’t manage to attend hearings on the largest finance measure of the year.  He’s also a candidate in next fall’s Republican primary in the 19th Congressional District, so that explains the arrogance.

Some people are just complete nightmares.

[Photos: Daily News]

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