Transporting the New Year’s Eve 8 on the Subway

Apparently, there were budget cuts in the Times Square signage office.  They were unable to afford shipping fees for the “8” in 2008.

So, a crew of guys carried the 500 pound 8 onto the subway from the Bronx all the way to Times Square.  They took the 6 and R trains to get there.

Judging by the photos, I’m fairly sure they were blocking the doors with the 8. They also had to hold the doors in order to get the thing loaded up in time.  I’m also pretty sure it violates the policy of carrying large items like that onto the subway.  Wonder how many summons they received.  🙂

The other thing that makes me laugh about the photos is that the other passengers don’t even pay attention to the fact that there is a 7 foot number 8 on the train with them.

Wonder if they will take next year’s “9” for a ride.  Did you know that the 9 is actually the 6 from 2006?   They just flip the 6 upside-down to make the 9.  I’m not even kidding, it’s completely true.

Did anyone see it?  Or ever see anything like this before?

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