MTA Online Hearing Fails?

No shocker here.  Jen at Gothamist attempted to join the MTA Webinar today.  Without any major surprise, there were technical issues that were not able to be solved.

Did anyone else attempt to attend?

Unfortunately, SUBWAYblogger had back-to-back meetings straight through lunch, so we were unable to login.  However, we were looking forward to taping the audio portion.  Too bad.

But it looks like we may not have missed much.  I wonder if only certain users were unable to connect.  I also wonder if there were way too many people attempting to connect.

They used GotoWebinar, which is a major online conference service.  I’m sure they should have been able to handle the volume.  However, the MTA would have had to purchase the correct plan to allow tons of users at any given time.  Wonder if that was actually done.

Looking forward to the reports.

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