Cost of New Token Clerk Uniform Rediculous

vest.jpgIt was recently brought out in the press that the MTA has spent $2.5 million to outfit all 3,500 of its token booth clerks with new uniforms.

At first glance, $2.5 million seems like an appropriate, ballpark figure. Then, you start to kick it around in your head a little. That’s just what the Daily News did.

The first thing that jumps out at you is how specific the uniform recipients are. The new uniforms aren’t for aaalllllllll the MTA employees, its just for the booth clerks…about 3,500 people. Hmmmm. That doesn’t sound like a lot of people, yet the tab seems pretty high.

Do the math.

That works out to $738 per employee! WTF? Are thee uniforms made by Ralph Lauren? Nope.

Over the past several months, 3,500 workers in the subway stations department have been trading in their traditional work outfits – blue shirts, blue pants – for a more formal look: white shirts and gray trousers, or skirts for the ladies working behind the glass.

The men get gray and black ties; female workers ascots. The new wardrobe also includes a burgundy vest, burgundy sweater and burgundy coat. [Daily News]

You could get a Calvin Klein tuxedo and a coat at Macy’s for less than that…and that’s not some boring uniform bought in bulk!

So how is it possible that it could cost that much to outfit a crew? I understand the need for the uniforms, but how could it cost so much? It has already been slipped into the budget, and is being spent. It is too late to do anything about it, but it is causing quite the stir.


8 thoughts on “Cost of New Token Clerk Uniform Rediculous

  1. Well, they can’t wear the same uniform everyday. So let’s say they each get 5. Now that comes to about $140 each (2.5mil / 3500 / 5). Still not “cheap” but definitely not unreasonable. And don’t forgot “stock” for replacements and new employees. I’m sure people who quit/get fired don’t regularly return the clothing. That makes it much cheaper. And why do I assume they have more than one? Well, I once worked in a “uniformed” job and they gave me as many as I needed (within reason).


  2. Well, with that fashion-forward cut and the maroon shade, I think it’s very likely we’ll be seeing Kanye West in one of these at the Grammy’s this February.


  3. Don’t be surprised if the ” M ” in the MTA logo looks like the golden arches from Mc Donalds. Would you like fries with that?


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