MTA Doesn’t Like Sticky Stuff


So apparently, the engineers at the MTA have been trying to wrap their heads around an enormously pressing issue.

Yes folks, the issue we speak of is (cue drum-roll): Gum on the floors.

Apparently, concrete is much harder to clean than granite tile.  However, concrete is much less expensive to install.  According to WCBS, a concrete train station runs about $400k.  Granite tile stations are well over $1 million.

So we are left with a major dilemma.  Floors that are cheap, but a bitch to clean, or expensive and easy to clean.

Either way, the floors are dirty as shit.

7 thoughts on “MTA Doesn’t Like Sticky Stuff

  1. simple answer…taser people who throw gum on the floor. Posts notices, and have uniformed cops, if they spot someone throw gum or crap gooey stuff on the floor, or they barf, TASE them! We need more negative reinforcment of bad behavior today, I tell ya…


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