Jumper DOA at 49th Street on the N Train

There are reports this morning that there was a person under a train that was dead on arrival at the 49th Street stop on the N train.

SUBYWAYblogger reader Melody brought this to our attention, and then we were able to confirm it on the police scanner logs.

Melody was on the train that allegedly struck the person. However, she was unable to find any info about it in the main stream media or blogs. Again, for those that do not know, the main stream media rarely reports suicides. This is because reporting them often causes more suicides. People of an unstable nature, who might be considering killing themselves, often will become more likely to do so if they think it will get media attention. Often, the suicide is a cry for attention in the first place.

However, according to Melody’s report, there were other witnesses who said the guy was very drunk and just fell on to the tracks as the train was coming. So it might not have been a purposeful suicide in the first place. Might have just been a drunk guy who fell.

Without doing a Freedom of Information Act search in a few weeks, we may never know what really happened.

UPDATE: Here’s what one witness claims to have seen.

We approached the station, and as we pulled in we felt a premature thud/jerk with the brakes kicking in immediately. The conductor said the emergency brakes had been activated and that they were “investigating.” 20 minutes later we attempt to leave the station again, but we only moved about 3-5 feet before the emergency brakes kick in yet again.

At that point we were evacuated from the train, and were waiting on the platform for further instruction, when we hear sirens. A bunch of cops showed up, then someone came in with one of those orange medi-boards, and the cops immediately kicked everyone out saying, “This station is closed!!!”

We backtracked to 42nd St to catch the N from there since, by that point, all local trains had been routed to the express track. We saw a guy on the platform visibly shaken and upset, speaking with a few other men, and we overheard part of his conversation.

We approached the men and asked if they knew anything about what had happened at 49th and the upset man said a guy, who appeared to be drunk, was on the edge of the platform. As the train pulled into the station, he lost his balance and fell between the subway cars.

He said he informed the conductor that a guy had fallen between them, but was ignored. It was only after the brakes kicked in the second time that they investigated more thoroughly and discovered what happened.

15 thoughts on “Jumper DOA at 49th Street on the N Train

  1. Sorry that happen to be a friend of mine was he drunk? Its just too Hard to belive that he would just jump the tracks that time in the Morning he was comming from work. Please followup on this one thank you.


  2. Yeah, someone who was on the train emailed us about it to see if we knew anything.

    They said they asked police and other bystanders what had happened.

    People on the platform said they saw a guy staggering around like he was drunk, near the edge of the platform.

    Then for no reason he fell into the tracks.

    Didn’t seem like he meant to jump.

    See the update in the article


  3. ..umm..likely another arrogant conductor ignoring the notice of a member of the public…I hope he/she gets disciplined…..


  4. I understand that as the train approached the station the emergency brakes activated for the first time…then a guy told the conductor that a guy had fallin in between the tracks,but the conductor ingored the man..do you think a person would lie about that????as soon as the person said that the conductor should have stopped the train and investigated from that point.if the conducor would have done that my friend would have still been here..i think the conductor should be at fault…rest in peace you will always be remembered


  5. This was a childhood friend of mine and though we had lost contact it is very hard to accept that he is gone. It saddens me to think that this could have been avoided if the conductor had listened to the witness. R.I.P. You will always be in my heart.


  6. I’m one of the people who was on the train and submitted this report. I have been following this thread and felt the need to clarify a few things…

    I do agree that the conductor should have listened to the man who witnessed the guy fall in between the cars. But I don’t feel the conductor should be held accountable for the death of this person for a couple of reasons.

    A) The person should not have been that close to the edge of the platform. They have safety markings there for a reason. The conductor cannot be blamed for his misjudgment.

    B) He didn’t fall on the tracks before the train approached, nor did he fall between the cars while the train was completely stopped.

    According to the man I spoke to who witnessed the fall, he fell IN BETWEEN a set of cars while the train was still IN MOTION approaching the station. I can also attest to this fact being that the train sustained an unusual, premature thud/jerk before being fully parked at the station (as was mentioned in the blog above.)

    C) While I have no way of knowing this for certain, one can stand to reason that this man died instantly, the first time the brakes were activated. When the train was parked for a solid 20 minutes, the doors were open. Had he been alive, any number of us on that train would have heard cries for help. There were none.

    While I know there is absolutely no way to feel any better about the situation, perhaps there can be some comfort in the fact that he passed quickly.

    I really believe it was an accident. A horrible, tragic accident.

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of this person. I am truly very sorry for your loss.


  7. this was a very good friend who had a dream to one day get married own a home and finally not work those crazy hours.
    he was extremely fit and loved riding his motor bike. i will miss you my friend please rest in peace.
    via con dios!




  9. He was also a friend from my childhood. It hurts knowing such a good person is gone. Although I moved out of the neighborhood a few years ago, I only have good memories of him. Reading the information here at least gives some sort of a explanation as to how this happened.
    For all who are feeling the loss, please know that we are all here on this earth for a purpose. Once we have fulfilled our reason for being here, that is when the Lord calls us home.


  10. Tamara, Pedro and family.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. What a horrible tragic accident. May your brother rest in peace, and may your family find comfort in that those of us back in Hornell are thinking of each of you. If you need me, you know where to find me….At the Angel.


  11. Still so hard to believe. You will be missed dearly. Our hearts go out to your family.
    Someday we will all meet again, till then
    Rest in Peace.


  12. This happened to be a co-worker of mine. We worked together on and off for about five years. He worked very hard and was always willing to help anyone if they needed a hand. He could bring a smile to anyone in the room. It’s so hard to believe that he is gone, he will definitely be missed. Aren’t there any cameras in the station that could have picked up what exactly happened, I hope that this mystery could one day be solved.


  13. March 3rd will be one month since the passing of my boyfriend. This has been an extremely difficult time for his family friends and myself. He was a great man, enjoyed life to the fullest and wanted so much to one day start a family and grow old with me. I will always love him and miss him everyday of my life. I know he is in heaven watching over all of us that he loved. If there is anyone out there that saw what really happened and has a heart PLEASE be the one to do the right thing come out and say something. You can reach me at this email address msyuli06@aol.com. DONT EMAIL ME WITH B.S. I know he would NEVER take his own life so don’t waste my time with that nonsense!
    Once again please do the right thing and bring some peace to all of us that loved him. Thank You

    R.I.P baby, WE LOVE YOU!


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