Man Falls on Tracks, Train Runs Over Him, Survives

Subway Tracks

And you thought that ditch between the rails was there to collect water and muck (pictured here).  Well, you should also know it is there to save your life.

An unidentified man fell onto the tracks today at Delancey Street while waiting for the F train.  Luckily he fell in a way which allowed his body to fall into the cutout ditch between the rails.  Lucky?  Definitely, because an F train was just seconds away and ran over his body.

He was not injured from the train itself even though 3 cars rolled over him.  He fit into that space in the tracks.

He was taken to Bellevue condition unknown but apparently alive.

Rain Delay

How do you know it’s raining out in NYC? Your commute will probably look something like this…or worse.

Let me sum up what you’re seeing. You stand on the musty platform waiting forever for your train to arrive. It finally does, and maybe you’re lucky enough to get on.

A few stops later, you find out over the PA that you’re train is going to go express or bypass stops. Not just one or two stops, but something like 50 stops. So then you get off on an already crowded platform to wait for the train that is allegedly right behind your current train. Above is what you see.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, SUBWAYblogger got a small digital video camera. So now, none of you are safe!

Jumper DOA at 49th Street on the N Train

There are reports this morning that there was a person under a train that was dead on arrival at the 49th Street stop on the N train.

SUBYWAYblogger reader Melody brought this to our attention, and then we were able to confirm it on the police scanner logs.

Melody was on the train that allegedly struck the person. However, she was unable to find any info about it in the main stream media or blogs. Again, for those that do not know, the main stream media rarely reports suicides. This is because reporting them often causes more suicides. People of an unstable nature, who might be considering killing themselves, often will become more likely to do so if they think it will get media attention. Often, the suicide is a cry for attention in the first place.

However, according to Melody’s report, there were other witnesses who said the guy was very drunk and just fell on to the tracks as the train was coming. So it might not have been a purposeful suicide in the first place. Might have just been a drunk guy who fell.

Without doing a Freedom of Information Act search in a few weeks, we may never know what really happened.

UPDATE: Here’s what one witness claims to have seen.

We approached the station, and as we pulled in we felt a premature thud/jerk with the brakes kicking in immediately. The conductor said the emergency brakes had been activated and that they were “investigating.” 20 minutes later we attempt to leave the station again, but we only moved about 3-5 feet before the emergency brakes kick in yet again.

At that point we were evacuated from the train, and were waiting on the platform for further instruction, when we hear sirens. A bunch of cops showed up, then someone came in with one of those orange medi-boards, and the cops immediately kicked everyone out saying, “This station is closed!!!”

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Holy Construction

Wow was there a lot of construction on the tracks this weekend!

Saturday, I thought I would run out to do some shopping.  I needed some new clothes and shoes, so I thought I’d head down to the Herald Square area to cruise the stores.

An hour later, I finally made it.  Normally, that trip would have been about 20 minutes or so.  Not this time.

I was excited because the train came almost right away.  Jumped on, and we pulled about 100 yards out of the station, and stopped.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Still waiting.

If that bitch on the intercom said “Please be patient” one more time…

So then we got to the next station.  Doors open and we wait.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Then we pull out, only this time we were moving about 10 feet a minute.

This was the entire trips worth.  It wasn’t even like I had the option to get off and transfer to a different train. Trust me, if that had been an option, I would have done it.

In all seriousness, I could have made it from the UWS Mid 80’s to 34th Street in half the time this train took.

The track gangs were everywhere.  One can only hope that they made  huge amount of progress in this one shot.  They were there overnight too.  That’s understandable, but you don’t see it in the middle of the day like that.