Rain Delay

How do you know it’s raining out in NYC? Your commute will probably look something like this…or worse.


Let me sum up what you’re seeing. You stand on the musty platform waiting forever for your train to arrive. It finally does, and maybe you’re lucky enough to get on.

A few stops later, you find out over the PA that you’re train is going to go express or bypass stops. Not just one or two stops, but something like 50 stops. So then you get off on an already crowded platform to wait for the train that is allegedly right behind your current train. Above is what you see.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, SUBWAYblogger got a small digital video camera. So now, none of you are safe!

One thought on “Rain Delay

  1. Right there with ya. I usually say f-it after the 2nd try and get a cab. There is only so many times you can take the 4 or 5 from Union Square to 42nd St. crammed up against some stranger.


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