Man Falls on Tracks, Train Runs Over Him, Survives

Subway Tracks

And you thought that ditch between the rails was there to collect water and muck (pictured here).  Well, you should also know it is there to save your life.

An unidentified man fell onto the tracks today at Delancey Street while waiting for the F train.  Luckily he fell in a way which allowed his body to fall into the cutout ditch between the rails.  Lucky?  Definitely, because an F train was just seconds away and ran over his body.

He was not injured from the train itself even though 3 cars rolled over him.  He fit into that space in the tracks.

He was taken to Bellevue condition unknown but apparently alive.

7 thoughts on “Man Falls on Tracks, Train Runs Over Him, Survives

  1. […] Summer hits NYC and all the lovely ladies come out to sunbath in the park, birds start chirping, and people start jumping into the subway tracks.  I love summer in NYC!  This is the 524th time someone has “fallen” into the tracks in the last four weeks. I had to add a category to my blog… This time, the person survived by laying down into that murky rat-piss-crack water.  It will probably help out his immune system.  SubwayBlogger has a pic of where this dude hid, here. […]


  2. Nice to see a blogger from the other side of the world, the pits are called suicide pits on LUL and are only seen on the deep level tube lines like the Northern, Victoria, Piccadilly, Central and Jubilee lines.


  3. Omg. Imagine how me must’ve felt. But why did he fall? Accident? Fainted? Just the thought of being down there with all of the smelly rats, garbage and pee is scary, but at least he survivied.


  4. Maybe im crazy but when I wait for the train I always wait in a spot so im above those ditches and I mentally prepare myself to dive towards it if im ever pushed.


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